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The outside appearance of your home is definitely the first thing anyone notices about it. This doesn't include just the external architecture and the paints you choose. There is one other important factor to get right and that is the outdoor structures in your house, in the garden or the backyard. Be it to spend a quiet time with the family, for a fun weekend or an evening tea or even to throw a great party you might be using your garden, your backyard. So getting a great looking gazebo or other outdoor structures would create a stunning impression of the house. When we talk about gazebos there are plenty of choices based on the material size etc. So here are a few things to consider to ensure that you pick a great gazebo for your home-

  1. Be clear about the purpose

Gazebos are used for throwing parties, for conducting events and other such situations where a temporary setup is preferred. These also can act as receptions. In such cases finding a simple and quick to set up gazebo which looks grand would do the trick. For those cases where a permanent solution is required you would definitely need to think further about the material, design and other factors. A gazebo can be used as a fancy shed, as children's play area, or to create a private space to welcome guests. The purpose would also help you understand where you want to put the gazebo.

  1. Understand the most popular types

Vinyl and wood gazebos are the most popular options. If you are looking for a low maintenance structure, one that can be cleaned in no time then you would like the vinyl gazebos. But then you would not get that rustic charm as a wood gazebo has to offer. Wood gazebos are high maintenance but they are known to be relatively less expensive. They can also be customized by adding different colored paints to match the rest of the house. Wood gazebos can also come with different material canopies. There are transparent canopies that allow you to lounge and sky gaze from within your gazebo.

  1. What features do you want on your gazebo

There are closed and open gazebos. The closure mechanism, the number of doors provided might all differ. There are some gazebos that come with mosquito nets. You could also find a few with structures that fully weather repellent. There are many such tiny details that you can use to narrow down your choices. The overall design of the gazebo would determine how customizable the structure is. You can later choose to add other features like electrical connection, taps, or even a cooking setup. But then you would need one that is big enough to accommodate all the extra products you wish to add.

  1. Do you have a design or theme in mind?

The design generally depends on the design of the house. Would you like a modern looking gazebo or would you like a rustic vintage model? The amount of lighting and circulation you can experience inside the gazebo would depend on the design as well. The structure of the roof the overall height and other similar factors also contribute to the design consideration. You could create a brilliant theme and get the effect established even with a simple wood gazebo. You can later add plants and other accessories to accentuate the design.

  1. Have you finalized the size?

The size of the gazebo would determine the capacity. It also influences the facility to add seating and other furniture within. The place where you install the gazebo influences the size of the gazebo. If you have a large backyard then there would be no problem. Compare the size with the size and the rise of the house as well.

Besides considering all the above factors make sure that you consider the norms for raising outdoor structures in your locality. If you adhere to them and get a great looking gazebo installed it can instantly add to your home value. You can always build a gazebo yourself. But it does take a lot of time and efforts. So finalize a design and leave it to the professionals who are experienced in this field.